General Game Notes


It’s modern-day Earth, and it’s set right here in the Bay Area. Anything that happens in reality will have major consequences in-game, whether global or local.

Trump becomes president in 2016? Get ready for some serious bullshit to happen. Xfinity Internet is down? Again? It’ll be down in-game as well.

Starting Connections

Let’s try to keep all connections either directly or indirectly related to Strange things. That would mean things like seeing aliens, runes, auras, magic, undead, advanced cybernetics, etc. Things only you can see, and no-one else around you can. These things hint at a reality greater than what we know.

They could be people, too. Those who’re quickened likely have superhuman reflexes, manifest powers visibly, etc. Witnessing them in action would certainly mean we’d see something Strange.

Entire places are also eligible. If it belongs somewhere else, or doesn’t make any sense, it’s probably Strange.

Flaws and Conflict

The majority of TTRPGs barely use internal conflict as a narrative tool, and that’s a pity. Let’s defy the norm and really explore our character flaws. The intent will be to fix those flaws vis-a-vis character defining internal conflicts. Each character should be wrestling with those flaws, perhaps not constantly, but it should be a defining character trait. Like any properly written fiction, these characters will be dealing with inner, external, and main (antagonist-driven) conflicts at the same time.

It’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Character Ownership & Copyright

Everyone has ownership of their character, and their entire character arc. In other words, everyone own the copyright for their character, while Kris and I will jointly retain copyright for the story as a whole. Think of us as Lennon and McCartney. Anyway, we plan to produce fictions based on the game, ranging from short stories to podcasts to videos. At least, that’s the plan. And, if things go well, we’ll end up sharing the profits from shared medias.

Fingers crossed.


As mentioned previously, we’re going to publish in multiple ways. First, we’re going to publish this as a Podcast, then having established copyright publicly with said podcast, develop screenplays out of them. These screenplays could be used in comics, videos, anything. Please also feel free to create fictions of your own design using your characters. The podcast should protect your copyright as well.

General Game Notes

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