Tomas Liggen

Skeptical Spinner who Interprets the Law


Old — In his late 40s/early 50s.

Jaded as fuck.

Doesn’t really care or trust anyone.

Speaks in mostly sarcasm and insults.



Been involved in law with entire life — paralegal; intern; public defender; private defender; prosecutor; civil law; academia; research.

Was the understudy for Joseph Gideon; experienced prosecutor who had eyes on becoming a judge. Tomas unknowingly did some work that helped Gideon cover up some shady dealings in his campaign for judge. Later, Liggen figured out his work helped Gideon get of clean.

Liggen was scarred from that — he stayed in law in various ways, though since his dealings with Gideon, he began to see the seedy side of the profession more and more. Prosecutors nailing people for petty crimes to increase their fame; people getting away with crimes due to technicalities or underhanded dealings; political campaigns that were nothing more than name calling and shit slinging.

Even his time as a professor/researcher at a university didn’t help. Professors fighting each other for tenure; undermining each other for funding; lawyers and politicians running schools instead of academics and professors. His cynicism and pessimism grew — he no longer gave anyone or anything the benefit of the doubt. His is fluent is sarcasm and insults.

So when it was revealed that one of his team absconded with funds, his only reaction was to throw his hands in the air and mutter “god fucking dammit”

Tomas Liggen

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