Ryan "Oberon" Caine

A relentless CIA counter-terror agent. Codename: Oberon


Caine is in his mid-40s and seems a bit frayed at the edges. His face is scruffy, his clothes plain and dark, and his salt-and-pepper hair windswept.

He’s always short on sleep, and shows it. The reason being is because Oberon is tracking a cyberterrorist named gen0pHage. This mission has taken up the better part of a decade. It’s essentially his life’s work.

Caine sees the world as both black and white – that everyone, no matter how benevolent, has a dark side. This mindset allows him to question everything, discover motivations, and see things no-one else sees.


The Operative was born in 1970 to Tim and Margery Caine in Washington DC. The two of them were second-generation intelligence operatives, with Margery’s parents having served as Navy codebreakers in WWII. Together, they raised the nuclear family they’d always wanted: two kids, a dog, and a home with a white picket fence.

Tim was an ops man who reveled in his field work, prying into the USSR’s information defenses and seeing where he could stick a knife in. He was remarkable at his fieldcraft, and was undeniably a critical asset in keeping the West safe from nuclear harm. Margery was an cryptographer, and was exceptional at seeing the patterns no-one else could see. The CIA saw her as one of the best. Together, the pair helped defend America from nuclear threats at the height of the Cold War. And they were proud of it.

They retired when the Berlin Wall fell, satisfied that they had done enough good. They decided to pass on the torch to their children. And it was around that time that their eldest son, the Operative, was halfway through his operative training. He had joined the CIA a year prior – it was his family’s legacy after all. He trained with the best at the Farm, which is also where he met the beautiful and dangerous Abi Scarlet. The two of them fostered a powerful friendship that evolved into a full-on romantic relationship that lasted many years. It wasn’t long until he graduated with top honors, and was recruited into the relatively new Counterterrorism Center. It was there where he thrived and perfected his tradecraft.

Like his parents before him, he kept his eyes and ears open. But he went one step further. His training turned him into a predator. He wasn’t just to find the threats – he was to eliminate them. He dedicated his life to the CIA, and for ten years he guarded the free world as his parents did. He spent his time building a network of informants all around the world who would feed him information for any given hotspot. With that, he rooted out those who would cause his country any harm, and firmly believed that what he did made him a good man.

He is currently on the hunt for gen0pHage with his partner Abi Scarlet.

Ryan "Oberon" Caine

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