An amoral cyber-terrorist who sows anarchy


No-one seems to have ever seen this cyber terrorist, and there certainly doesn’t seem to be any sort of record about this person anywhere.

gen0phage was cornered by the group, and was found to actually be an alien computer with vast artificial intelligence.

Its central body was spherical, roughly 2 meters in diameter. It was surrounded by cables, which it used as a rudimentary form of locomotion as well as for defensive purposes. Primarily, these cables were used to connect to human computer systems so it could interface with any thing it needed to.


His or her exploits in the underground are legendary, and many underground hacker circles often tell of gen0pHage’s prowess.

Interpol has attributed a laundry list of cybercrimes to gen0pHage, from the funneling of billions in various currencies from national banks to corrupt individuals, to the disruption of information flow, to all-out governmental system failures (power grid, for example) in certain countries.

Thanks to the group’s perseverance, gen0pHage was neutralized and taken apart.

Hopefully, this is the end of its reign of terror.


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