Alan Matis

A strange paradox who calculates the incalculable


Alan Matis could be easily considered to be strange but harmless if you just looked at him. If one were to think of him as an animal, he’d probably be a mouse, if a mouse could suffer from Synesthesia and earn multiple degrees in higher mathematics and theoretical computer science.

That is, if only he could have bothered to do the coursework.

He’s a hacker / mathematician with a belief in The Truth, and there’s nothing more noble than to chase it. He dropped out of MIT simply because he got bored of human conventions, like taking tests. “Too purple.” Why bother proving to others what they should already know?

Although he is often oblivious, he does know more about certain things than he lets on, and for someone who believes in the sanctity of pursuing knowledge, he’s oddly reluctant to share it.

Alan Matis

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