Abi "Titania" Scarlet

A lethal CIA black ops specialist. Codename: Titania


She wears a dour look on her face, and is the very serious type. Often quite single-minded, which keeps her laser-focused on any given task. Bad news for her prey.

Her favorite weapon is a suppressed Sig Sauer 2340, .357 SIG.


Abi was born to a blue-collar family in Boston in 1970. Her father was a neglectful alcoholic, and her mother worked back-to-back shifts as a nurse to help support the family. Most of the time, no-one was there to raise her. Having no direction, she left at 16 and learned to live on the streets for some time. Fed up with a life of aimless debauchery, she went to a Marine recruiting station at 18 determined to give herself some much-needed structure.

Lucky for her, a CIA recruiter was at that station, saw the potential in her, and offered her a chance of a lifetime working for the CIA instead. “You wanna be meat, join the Marines. You wanna make a real difference? Join the Company.” It was an offer she took eagerly.

It was at the Farm where she met Oberon. They met within days of starting, and clicked immediately. There was something about each other that simply drew them to the other. They spent almost every possible minute in each other’s company, where they bonded over the things they loved, such as their tradecraft. While in training, she took on the role of the brawn in parallel to Oberon’s brains. It was an incredibly effective partnership. Over the course of four years, as they grew closer, it was inevitable that they ended up as lovers.

The two were highly sought after all across the Company, with many divisions clamoring for their attention. When Oberon transferred to the CTC, she took an offer to join a pilot program codenamed “Project Huntsman”. It was designed to test and refine the CIA’s capacity for lethal operations. Years later, that pilot would eventually spawn the Omega Program, a joint CIA-JSOC clandestine organization dedicated to neutralizing targets in hardened areas, specifically Iraq and Pakistan. Her work was crucial to its development and effectiveness.

She’s currently working with Oberon Caine to hunt down gen0pHage

Abi "Titania" Scarlet

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